Guinea Iron Ore Limited (GIO)
Guinea Iron Ore is an exploration company dedicated to meticulous research, evaluation, exploration and mining of potential high-quality, high-grade iron ore opportunities in West Africa.

Why Invest in Guinea Iron Ore Limited?

REASON 1: The world needs more high-grade iron ore
As populations rise, cities expand, demand for living spaces increases in response to urbanization, the need for steel has never been greater. Yet iron ore grades continue to decline all over the world.

To meet the growing global challenge to house more people on less land, buildings are growing taller requiring more steel — and hence more iron ore.

REASON 2: Among metals, the iron ore business has advantages
Becoming a player in iron ore is difficult. With limited viable deposits close to deep sea ports worldwide, multi-billion-dollar development costs and long lead times, barriers to entering the industry are considerable. Steady and increasing demand is likely to challenge supply over the coming years.

These realities, combined with iron ore’s unique benefit as an component in building material, give the iron ore business distinct advantages over other mineral businesses.

REASON 3: Iron ore is the core of our business
Iron ore is the namesake of our company and the focal point of our business. With 3 licences in the Republic of Guinea — a position we’ve built patiently through acquisitions, and our exploration work to date, we expect to be the next iron ore producer to export out of Guinea, a sentiment echoed by the state owned Heritage Company –Soguipami- that is a 10% partner in Guinea Iron Ore Limited (GIO).

REASON 4: Our strategies emphasize earnings growth with reduced volatility
Our DSO First strategy drives our business and provides our greatest opportunity for long-term growth and earnings quality. Our strategies based on focusing on DSO shipping from our near existing transport located Gaoual property are designed to use our competitive strengths to minimize volatility while maximizing margins.

REASON 5: We are uniquely prepared to meet growing iron ore demand
With the potential of 3-5 Billion tons of iron ore at our Gaoual property alone — and 2 additional iron ore properties in Guinea, which indicate large volume resources enables us to add to that total more quickly and cost-effectively than greenfield capacity — we are uniquely positioned to capitalize on the expected long-term growth in demand.

We will use our assets and expertise to expand our competitive advantages, improving our leading position and building long-term value for stakeholders.

REASON 6: We live by our core values
Our Core Values define and guide the way we do business. They remind us that our responsibilities extend beyond financial performance, and beyond the walls of our facilities.

By committing to and living by our Core Values, we create long-term value for our shareholders, build support among stakeholders, engender accountability in our employees, deepen our relationships with our partners and improve quality of life in our communities.

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