Guinea Iron Ore Limited (GIO)
Guinea Iron Ore is an exploration company dedicated to meticulous research, evaluation, exploration and mining of potential high-quality, high-grade iron ore opportunities in West Africa.

Republic of Guinea

Republic of Guinea



Republic of Guinea

  • Gained independence from France in 1958.
  • Guinean law is based on the French civil law system, the official language is French.
  • Democratic elections last held on June 27, 2010 resulting in the election of His Excellency Professor Dr. Alpha Condé, who is a past professor of political science at the University of Paris.


  • The economy is dependent on agriculture and mining.
  • Bauxite and alumina are at present the only major exports.
  • Iron ores are expected to become a major export product during the next few years.
  • Gold and diamonds are also found within Guinea.
  • Offshore exploration is underway for oil.


  • The population of Guinea is approximately 10 million.
  • There are 24 ethnic groups but three dominate:
    the Malinké, the Fula, and the Susu.

Mining in Guinea

  • Revised Mining Code was adopted in 2011.
  • Exploration Licences will be owned 100% by the entity.
  • Mining Licences include a Government 15% carried interest and the option to purchase an additional 20%.
  • Guinea has between 15-20 Billion dollars of foreign investment going into development of infrastructure to service mining activities.
  • Guinea is slated to produce over 10% of the world’s Iron ore.
  • Guinea is the world’s largest producer of bauxite with an estimated 25-50% of the world’s reserves.
  • Guinea exports 60 million tonnes of bauxite annually.
  • Gained independence from France in 1958.


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Republic of Guinea

Guinea Coat of Arms & Flag