Guinea Iron Ore Limited (GIO)
Guinea Iron Ore is an exploration company dedicated to meticulous research, evaluation, exploration and mining of potential high-quality, high-grade iron ore opportunities in West Africa.

Our Commitment

Guinea Iron Ore Limited (GIO) strives to maximize its environmental and social performance in all areas of operations. We are committed to building and maintaining sound relationships to create sustainable value in the host communities and countries in which we operate.

On-site conversation with Village Elders.

Guinea Iron Ore’s on-site conversation with Village Elders.

Community Engagement

Guinea Iron Ore Limited (GIO) recognizes the value in promoting local entrepreneurship and is pleased to support ventures that create alternative sources of employment and spin-off commercial development that is independent of the mining industry.

Reducing Environmental Impact

Guinea Iron Ore Limited (GIO) is committed to identify and promote recommended best practices in order to facilitate and encourage continual improvement in the environmental performance of its mining facilities throughout the mine life cycle.

All phases of the mining life cycle from exploration and feasibility studies through planning and construction, operation, and closure is of highest concern to Guinea Iron Ore. All environmental aspects ranging from air, water and waste management to biodiversity conservation are applied by GUINEA IRON ORE.