Guinea Iron Ore Limited (GIO)
Guinea Iron Ore is an exploration company dedicated to meticulous research, evaluation, exploration and mining of potential high-quality, high-grade iron ore opportunities in West Africa.

featured propertiesGaoual, Beyla & Faranah

GIO is exploring 3 high-grade iron ore properties totalling 2,000 km² in the Republic of Guinea.

mineral wealthPotentially Africa's richest countries.

The Republic of Guinea is a leading producer of bauxite, rough diamonds, cement, gold and salt.

WIN - WIN FOR ALLIntegrity and Leadership

Dedicated to ethical business practices to increase spiritual, educational, gender and economic strength.

Guinea Iron Ore – Our Properties

Three (3) Iron Ore projects are ongoing and show great tonnage and high quality potential.

Guinea Mining Properties: GaoualBeylaFaranah

Guinea Iron Ore Properties

Iron Ore Mining Presentation

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